Sunday, June 1, 2014


Skinny Bikini
Have a nice month everyone! I can't believe how fast may has gone. I can't believe it's June already. I envy those of you who are going on vacation this soon, since I need to stay here due to some obligations. But, as I've said before, there is no need to get depressed if you have to stay in the city and work. You can always find some time to do the things you want and, if you are lucky enough to have the beach close to you, then I'm sure you'll have the chance to get that tan before you hit the beach. Especially if you leave somewhere warm, or overwhelming hot during summer, you need this. If you have your own pool, then I officially don't like you-just kidding. 
Skinny Bikini vol.2
But no matter where and when you'll go swimming, there is one thing you will most certainly need. Your bikini! I am a fan of one-pieces but they are simply not for everyday if you want a proper tan. I hope you didn't misunderstand the title. I obviously don't mean that you have to be skinny to wear a bikini! Just that I like the "skinny bikinis", with the thin straps etc.
Skinny Bikini vol.3
What post would be more appropriate for the first day of June, than one about bikinis? I wanted to have variety, so I chose a bunch of different stuff. Triangle, bandeau, ruffle, monochrome, tribal, floral... I wanted to add the ones from Triangl, but since I've talked about these before I thought that there's no need to. I know I went a little crazy with the Mara Hoffman ones, but can you blame me? They are so adorable and so perfect for summer! I like all these options so much and I can't chose my favorite. I want them all and they are truly a great motivation to keep working on that body and keep eating healthy!
Do you guys like these bikinis? Which ones are your favorites? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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