Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The ones of you who read my article about sneakers, that you can also find on Lucky magazine online here, probably understood how fond I am of this current trend. It might sound easy, "wear your sneakers everyday", but I know it might be hard sometimes to style them properly. Also, heels can be life saving especially when you don't have a model's body. This is why you need to know which clothes fit you better and flatter your body more, and wear your flats with that. Flats may have become a statement lately but, last year, I bet that all of you would laugh at the idea of wearing a leather pencil skirt with sneakers(if you're not an off-duty reporter). It is true that a pair of black pumps can totally transform any outfit and add elegance, if styled properly of course. But sneakers are a completely different case. Just because they are not usually linked with class and high fashion, you should transform your outfits in order to wear your sneakers and still be able to stay chic. If you've visited my blog before, you are familiar with one of my favorite categories, More or less.
This time I wanted to create something different(kind of my moto lately). I decided to propose to you, as always, two similar outfits one with designers clothes and one with affordable products, but instead of adding a pair of heels to compare with the Louboutins (like someone could do that!) I added a pair of sneakers. This way you both, get to see the same look in a version that you can actually afford, and also see what I propose for a stylish outfit with sneakers. I know that I keep raising the price of the affordable look but that's just because I'm actually adding designer pieces(not that expensive). But nobody is forcing you to choose Nike and T by Alexander Wang. You can find a similar top in every inexpensive store and well, the sneakers choice is up to you. I'm just adding a twist!
Which one do you prefer? More or less? Pumps or sneakers?
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