by - February 06, 2014

heaven online fashion

I am so in love with this top even if it doesn't flatter the figure very much. First of all, the color is a little darker than my skin tone and I think it creates a mysterious look. Plus, you can wear it with pretty much anything from fall to spring and, last but not least, it feels great wearing it! This is actually a designer blouse and that's why I wanted to dress it down a little bit. So, I paired it with simple jeans and brown leather boots. To spice it up, I chose this amazing necklace by Strass Bijoux. 

I would wear a leather jacket or a fur coat to go out. The gold tones in these photos really took my breath away and even though the outfit is very simple and casual, I believe they add an airy glow to the entire look. 

Whenever I look at them, Lorde's song Team comes to my mind...I really don't know why since the video clip is way different from the concept of the photos. The song though is lovely. Do you guys like Lorde? And what about my look? Tell me your thoughts!

heaven online fashion

heaven online fashion

heaven online fashion

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12 σχόλια

  1. lovely outfit!

    idalia (new post with Chloe+Isabel giveaway!)

  2. I love your golden top. Great photos

  3. You look great! Stunning outfit!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  4. Hi Pretty,
    Your style is so fresh and trendy and your pictures are just gorgeous.
    Would you please also check mine and maybe we can follow each other?

    1. thank you for your comment! I love your blog and I would love to follow each other!

  5. Beautiful statement necklace!
    Mafalda ❤