Thursday, January 30, 2014


?More or less?
?More or less? by ell0oukaa
At my last post I mentioned turtlenecks and how it's 
not that easy to style them properly. The truth is that 
there are so many ways coming to mind right now but 
when you are in a hurry you are most likely to get stuck 
when it comes to style your turtleneck. Last time I also 
talked to you about basic pieces. So, it occured to me that
 it would be nice to create a basic day-to-night look and 
add some statement pieces. I ended up creating two similar 
looks, an expensive and a more affordable one. Don't get 
me wrong. I absolutely love designer clothes, but we need 
to be realistic. I know that for regular people(including me) 
it's hard to afford at least one, let alone, all the pieces in 
the first look. But, as I've mentioned before, money 
doesn't make the difference! So I'm proposing you two 
equally chic options of the same look and it's up to you 
to decide. I would complete the looks with a boyfriend coat
 or a biker jacket and some stackable rings. 
Please let me know which one of the two looks you prefer, 
tell me if you want me to create another look 
with turtlenecks or any other pieces and follow me on Polyvore!


  1. cute post
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  2. this is such a genius idea for a blog post!!!!

  3. Love! You have a new spanish follower!

  4. cool blog post! I love turtlenecks, I think they are essential. I love the styles you show here. very nice :)
    twitter: @PamyRam

    1. thank you^^ I totally agree with you btw :)

  5. I would totally go for the Less look, it's as good, and I just cannot believe how people can actually buy a pair of Charlotte Olympia slippers at such a shocking price!
    Mafalda ❤

    1. I know, it seems so out of this world... That's why I created this set and I'll create more in the future hoping you guys will like them aswell :D
      xx Elena

  6. I'm loving this look! It's festive without being loud - and I love that you added more affordable alternatives!
    Keep it up!


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